After having been open for five years, Ichiban Sushi Asian Bistro recently took over the space next to it, and now can comfortably seat more than three times the capacity of the original restaurant.  The interior has been redesigned to create a more elegant atmosphere. There is a full wall waterfall in the alcove, large red couches in the waiting area, and new dark wood tables with damasked gold chair covers.  The new full bar is solid granite, with accompanying stone tile walls and front, with backlit glass shelves and artwork and features two large screen TV's.  The dining area features tables and booths, and a raised deck seating area lit by a large and exquisite chandelier.  The sushi bar itself has been moved but remains as it was originally, complete with glass display in front and a plethora of Asian themed decoration behind it.

There are also two party rooms for additional seating for large parties, one featuring a single largegranite table, special diningware, and beautiful decorations. The menu has also been redone, with many new and intriguing options.  Most of the core dishes remain, many with updated recipes and improved ingredients.  The appetizer section has been greatly expanded, and includes both totally new items like the duck crepe (marinated duck with a sesame and plum sauce wrapped in a soft crepe) and re-imagined items like the crab meat moneybag(crab meat and cream cheese tied in a wonton bag, served with thai sauce and grand marnier sauce.)  The chef's selections portion of the menu is exactly that, including everything from Rack of Lamb (with mushroom ragout, baby bok choy and basil mashed potatoes) to Crispy Shrimp and Chicken (chicken in sichuan sesame sauce, with carmelized walnuts and jumbo shrimp with grand marnier cream sauce.)  The menu has also expanded to include other asian favorites such as the curry pots, (Green, Panang, or Thai) thai inspired dishes, (Pad Thai, Pineapple or Coconut fried rice, Banana leaf or Apricot sticky rice) and an expanded vegetarian selection.